June 24, 2020

Eco Dying

A Eco Dyeing day with the West Norfolk Embroiderers Guild learning how to dye fabrics and paper using natural colours.

Eco dyeing is a form of natural dyeing where the colours from plant material are transferred to paper or fabric via steaming or boiling.

Each plant will have its own properties and depending on the freshness of the plant and the mordant used you can achieve different colours from one pant.

What you will be doing

To achieve different Eco Dyeing effects, you will be exploring using different plants, mordants and surfaces all of which will be explained to you. Some of these you will have met before and others will be new to you. You will be encouraged to fold, wrap and contain your pieces in different ways, after which they will be steamed or boiled for an extended period of time. If you have patience you will be able to wait for 24 or 48 hours before unwrapping which can give you stronger results. If, however you are like most of us the urge to peep will be impossible to resist.


Please bring:


  • Natural fabric, at least six 35 c.m. squares of assorted silk, cotton and a 1 of wool if possible.
  • Handmade paper – this can be your own, or something like Khadi Indian Cotton Rag paper A4 size.
  • A ball of thin string.
  • Scissors
  • Large beads to identify your own samples.
  • Bits of copper piping or similar – about 4” length [optional]
  • Leaves from the garden and country side, blackberry, ornamental plum, eucalyptus, dogwood, walnut, apple, Stagshorn sumac, herbaceous geranium. Bring what you can.
  • Apron & gloves
  • Notebook & pen, camera
  • A bag to take damp samples home.

For more information please email [email protected]


Sewing has always been a part of my life. At the grand old age of 16 I was given my first sewing machine. A very old singer that was then replaced it will a Janome. Now I predominately use a Pfaff but also have a lovely old Bernina to use too.

My sewing career started with a lovely lady called Christine Davey and eventually I started the City and Guilds. Then when I moved to Kent after the first year and finished it with Ruth Issett. It was Ruth, in her own way, gave me licence to use many colours, that up to this point I would not have thought of using before.

In October 2013 I returned to Norfolk to set up a studio where I wanted to teach mixed media textiles as well as encourage other tutors into the area.


Join Melanie Missin at Eau Brink Studio for an exciting day doing a Woodland Wall Art Workshop

In this Woodland Wall Art Workshop you will be using a variety of techniques to make your own wall art hanging

You will be using

  • transfer paints which you will use to colour the background by using a heat press to transfer the colour.
  • print blocks that will be supplied, but feel free to bring your own.
  • free motion embroidery
  • gilding flakes which will be provided

Working in the light airy studio at Eaubrink  and surrounded by woodland inspiration you will be using man made materials. Which you will layer, print, stitch and gild to create a wall hanging on the theme of trees.




Please bring the following

  •  Your sewing machine and accessories
  • Any fabrics and embellishment you feel might be useful to enhance a woodland theme.
  • Inspiration pictures of woodland scenes and trees
  • Hand and Machine threads suited to the theme of woodlands
  • Embellishments such as beads, buttons, wires etc
  • Sewing kit
  • Hanging ideas for wall art

Melanie Missin

British Textile artist Melanie Missin has been working with textiles for many years. In the last 14 years she has been passing on her knowledge to students across the country as well as continuing to learn new techniques and develop a wide range of exciting ideas. She has recently had a piece of works published in WOW book five which she describes as “a lovely book full of very inspirational textile Artists articles”.


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April 17, 2020

Not Much Sewing going on at Eau Brink Studio at the moment.

I am spending a lot of my time cleaning and sorting out.


The fabric stash has been greatly reduced. I have worked on a three pile theory. The first I am definitely going to keep. The second is going to the charity shop in Wymondham and the third I have  put aside to use during this period of working from home.

The largest pile by far is going to go to the Big C at Wymondham once they are able to receive items again.


This part of the clearing out has been more challenging for me than the fabric. I suspect you know that I love beads. Many of my pieces have beads on them in one way or another. Even the Powertex.  But I do have a small amount of beads I used at the schools for the children and will no longer need them as I decided earlier in the year to stop working in the schools.


No I am sorry but I cannot get rid of any of them no matter how hold they are I will find a use them.


You would not believe how much paper is in this studio. Much of it will never be used so its in the fire and onto the compost heap. Of course the brown paper and specialist papers will stay to be used during workshops.


All unfinished items and projects will be re-evaluated and if I want to get them finished I will endeavour to do so but if I have absolutely no interest they will be made into a kit or a card. I think I have a few.


There is so much documentation in here all over the place and it has to go. Unfortunately I do have to keep quite a bit of it for the powers to be to scrutinise if they wish. So the loft is the obvious place in secure boxes of some sort. It is unfortunate that I cannot stand up in the loft as I would put a filing system in there for it all.

This is only part of the reason not much sewing is going on. Though I have completed a few pages in my Progression sketch book. And stitched a few fabric bowls too.

The Smallholding

That’s what is happening in the studio at the moment but also I am working with the boys to clear and fence the garden at last. We have move three chicken houses into the none existent orchard and sheep pen. We have almost finished the fencing to keep them all in but as the geese are nesting in that area we cannot complete it all. Don’t want to disturb them if we can help it.

Trees have been trimmed and deer fencing is being put at the base of the trees. This is to not only keep our animals and birds in but to try and keep Mr Fox out.

And if I can get the plants I want a lot of planting is going to happen in the coming weeks. I also need John to get the rotivator working for my veg patch. Hurrah no more sheep eating my lovely sprouts this year.

Talking of sheep. They will be sheared in a couple of weeks so more fleece to play with. I do miss not having any lambs but we will get them tupped in October ready for next spring.

Then we will see lovely scenes like this one again.


So now you can see why there is not much sewing happening at the moment but that does not mean that it will continue. I do have a fair few items in the planning stage and once I am cleared up I will get onto them.



March 21, 2020

Mary McIntosh workshop with the West Norfolk Embroiderers guild will be at Eau Brink Studio.

The day involves Mary’s Life’s a bleach discharging workshop. 

The day will begin with introductions and a health and safety talk with Mary. Then a demonstration so we know what we are doing.

If  you wish further information please email c.booth on [email protected]

January 22, 2020


Experimental Wednesday at Eau Brink Studio encourages you to spend time pushing the boundaries of your practice.

Spend the day in the studio experimenting with mixed media – any medium can be used.

      • Bring your own or use the studio’s
      • Try new techniques for your projects
      • Prepare your samples for your educational needs
      • Be creative!

There are no restrictions on what you can do – be as messy or as tidy as you wish! Small or large projects most welcome.

Things you can do include (and by no means are restricted to):

  • Using a substrate of paper or fabric, man made or natural
  • Enhancing your project it with paint, dyes, inks, prints; machine or hand stitch
  • Felt it, Embellish it, screw it up, iron it flat

The most important thing is to let your imagination take you beyond what is considered the norm!

Once you have finished playing  with all media and decided what you love doing, push it further and establish your artist identity.

Click here to book your place on the next workshop.

For more details on this or any other events, please contact us here:


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November 11, 2019

Time at Eau Brink Studio passes far too quickly.

Pin CushionsTime at Eau Brink Studio passes far too quickly for the amount of work I want to get through.  For example, I have been restocking the shop in The Barn with Christmas items as well as new 3D printed pin cushions.


The fair season is still upon us and of course I have to make items to sell at the craft fairs as well as making up packs for the trade fairs.

On top of these I send out items purchased through Amazon Handmade and the studio website.

Whew that sounds a lot before all the other day to day stuff.

This weekend I was asked if I really did enjoy my work and the unpredictability of it.

The honest answer to this question is yes and this is why.

Every day is very different from the previous day which I love. I get to meet loads people during my day even when in the studio on my own people call or pop in. (I think the cake helps with that)

It is hard work especially when a fair or show is looming and I need to make sure I have plenty to take and keep the shop stocked up. But that is part of the fun.

Income is very unpredictable some weeks good and some not so good. On the not so good weeks I do worry about it and at times I do find myself thinking how much easier it is to work for someone else but why would I want to restrict myself just for money?

So going back to the question Yes I love what I do and it is worth it.


I have been asked to start up a craft group in Eau Brink Studio where other crafters can meet. It is now live on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Called Socially Crafty  The cost is only £5. because your bring along your own crafts to make. Tea and coffee is provide with an honesty box. Socially Crafty runs from 10 am till 2 pm. Starting 13th November 2019.

As your aware we have had Peggy here teaching how to make fabulous baubles with beads. Unfortunately we have had to cancel the rest of the workshops due to ill health. It is hoped that Peggy can return in the future.

The orders for the Powertex are coming nicely and I would like to thank you all for the help and support so that I can become a stockist for Powertex. This has also sparked a renewed interest in the products especially the Translucent as it dries clear helping our textiles stand and shape.

Coming up

My next fair is the

Makit LQ&N Christmas Fair
Solihull Saturday 30th Nov 2019
Cranmore Park,
Solihull, West Midlands B90 4LF

I am also thinking about joining in one of the Christmas market days at King’s Lynn.



September 25, 2019

Experimental Wednesday at Eau Brink Studio encourages you to spend time pushing the boundaries of your practice.

Spend the day in the studio experimenting with mixed media, Any medium can be used. Bring your own or use the studio’s. Try new techniques for your projects. Prepare your samples for your educational needs.

There are no restrictions on what you can do only your own. You can be as messy or as tidy as you wish. You can work on very small projects or very large.

Use a substrate of paper or fabric, man made or natural. Enhance it with paint, dyes, inks, prints, machine or hand stitch,

Felt it, Embellish it, screw it up, iron it flat. let your imagination take you beyond what is considered the norm.

Once you have finished playing and decided what you love doing push it further and establish our artist identity.

If you want to know more then contact me through [email protected] or call on  01553 762115

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September 16, 2019

Hard work can be fun and at Eau Brink Studio we do have a lot of fun.

Hampton Court

This week we have been at The Handmade Festival in Hampton Court. The hard work starts with making  enough items to ensure you have a good stock to sell as well as items to showcase what you do in the workshops.

Then setting up on the day before the show opens starts with the journey down from Norfolk and worrying if you have everything, I always forget something. This time it was the handouts for the workshops.

Setting up takes a while but by 6pm we can go off to John’s Sisters to hopefully relax before the opening day.

Each day we are up early to get to Hampton Court by 8am. Traffic permitting of course. Check that all is well on the stall before opening. We do have a little time to catch up with old friends before we open which is always nice.

The rest of the day is spent chatting to customers old and new. Selling items of course and encouraging customers to look at the website to see if they fancy any of the workshop we run.

At 6pm the customers go home and we restock before heading back to relax or in my case sew more items.

On the last day at 6pm we pack up the stall to head home. Yesterday we arrive home late in the evening to a comfortable take away meal and a pot of tea.

Is this the end of it? No. The day after we unpack take stock of what is left. What sold well and what did not.

Then on the computer to follow up on requests and emails. Write a blog and update the website as well as social media.

The last thing is to take what is left to The Barn shop and clear up the studio.

Do I now plan for next year? yes of course it starts all over again now.

This is just one example of how we work and have fun. Others include running workshops.


Workshops are a great way to make new friends with like minded people. I love to see how people develop their own style of sewing and crafts. I have made some very good friends through my work.

New workshops are being added to the website all the time and this week there will be more including some half day workshops and maybe the odd evening one too. so pop along to www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk to see whats going on.

Whilst away

Of course many of you reading this are probably thinking “what happens to the animals when Anita is away” My son lives with us and he cares for them. Also my sister is not far away and also pops in at regular intervals to make sure all is okay. the animals are better cared for than us humans.

Animal Update

The chickens are all doing well laying loads of lovely eggs. The geese have settle in well and protect the ducks now unless there is food about then its every duck and goose for him or herself. The sheep I think will be happy when the warm weather goes away  even when they have been sheared they they hot. And the ducks are happy. The babies are growing well and love swimming on the pond. Though it is funny to see them suddenly try and jump out when a fish catches them unaware.

Next time

Next time will tell you all about the exhibitions I am entering just need to confirm a couple today and then I can show you some new works too.



June 16, 2019

Blackwork cards are a great way to create stunning cards for you to give.

Using traditional techniques but with modern colours your cards will stand out from the others.

This is a hand stitch workshop at The Barn in Long Sutton on Sunday 16th June from 10 am.

Come and join us in the Coffee shop and learn a new skill.

Only £20.00 including all materials. You just need your scissors but do not worry we have plenty if you are trying out hand stitching for the first time.

Just click on the button to book

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