February 1, 2021

Make a 3D item using old used teabags.

Ideas to help you on your way with this challenge are: – book, envelope, bag, lampshade, hat, pocket, folder, pot, purse, box, glasses case, pencil case, book cover, cushion, 3D piece of art.
How to prepare teabags : – when you have used your teabag give it a squeeze and leave it in a try or on a plate over night in a warm place.
The following day or two carefully split open the teabag and tip out the tea. Gently brush any remaining tea off the bag.
Leave to completely dry.
Painting, drawing or dying your teabags : – once your teabags are dry you will be able to see some sort of pattern or design on most bags. (Silk teabags will only hold a faint colour and will need to be painted or dyed at this stage).
You can use inks, acrylics, and most dyes on your teabags. Select your medium and ensure it is of an ink consistency for easier use.
When drawing onto your teabags use only gently pressure so as not to rip the bags or add any further holes.
Once coloured leave to dry on a flat surface.
Stitching the teabags: – Stitching into a teabag can be very satisfying. You can hand or machine stitch into them. If you want to stitch across several attach them onto bondaweb or other bonding background first. Remember to take the paper backing off once bonded and before stitching.
Once embellished and ready bond onto your backing fabric and coat with Acrylic wax or other medium to help protect the surface.
Now your ready to make your finished item.
Card making: – Teabags that have been painted or embellished can be used for making fabulous cards. You can either glue them to the background or use double sided tape.
Art projects: – you can use teabags for most art projects they take paint very well and can be drawn onto using a variety of pens and pencils. As most artists have their preferred brands give them a try and see if your happy with the results. Teabags can be layered like tissue paper and the results can be quite dramatic or very subtle.

This challenge starts on Monday 1st of February and ends on Sunday 28th of February.
Please register your interest in participating by emailing Anita on admin@eaubrinkstudio.co.uk. You will be added to the mailing list through mail chimp. They will ask you to confirm your wanting to be on the list. Once confirmed you will receive the information for the challenges before, they are posted on any social media.
With the completion of each challenge send your photographs to Anita via email with a short description and it will be added to the website and posted on the social media sites for Eau Brink Studio as part of a collage.
There is no joining fee, you do not have to enter all the challenges just the ones that appeal to you.
There will be short videos on the YouTube channel in case you feel you need to see what Anita is talking about.
There will be packs available on the Eau Brink Studio shop to help you with the challenges if you do not have items you need.
Most of the items in the challenges will be recycled or repurposed so saving money.

January 25, 2021



Sipping my favourite tea with a head bursting with ideas usually results with me just putting one into action and the forgetting the rest.

But with all this extra time we now have on our hands my head is bursting with even more ideas and I am getting them down in a little book. Not only am I getting them documented I am planning how to make them a reality.

Bursting into your life now

The first one to be thrown out into Eau Brink World is a monthly challenge. Starting in February. I will run it along the lines of our Experimental Wednesdays. Each month we will work towards making a piece which can be adapted to most disciplines. This means that it dose not only have to be sewing related. It can be a piece of fabulous art, a Craft, a stitched item or glued. The aim is to get us all exploring what we can do with the subject. The only rule is that you follow the guidelines but you can be as experimental as you wish.

Each month I will post on social media and send out the challenge by email . I will be converting a page on the website for your information and to show the finished items. They will also be posted on social media and added to the news letters.

You do not have to pay to join in and I am going to try and keep the cost of making very low by encouraging you to use what you already may have or can beg off others. Though of course I will be putting kits onto the website shop just in case you fancy purchasing one for someone else to have a go.

I do not want to bombard you with all my ideas in one go so as I organise each thing I will let you know what to look out for.

It is funny how my head only has ideas about my lovely studio and not about such mundane things as food shopping. Mind you that is just how I like it.

Smallholding News

Now for some very sad news. We have had to send our sheep to a lovely big farm. It was a hard decision to make but for their health and John’s safety we really had no choice. We have been told that they settled in well and are with a Tup so hopefully they will be producing lambs for the farmer.

We will keep our birds and really get going with the bees this year. Hopefully lots of honey to bake with at the end of the season and plenty to eat on my porridge too.

Covid update

As the lockdown continues and the schools are closed we also cannot open for groups or to teach. It is very frustrating but we need to make sure it is safe for everyone who visits Eau Brink Studio as well as for ourselves.

Of course as soon as we are given the green light we will get going again. If you have booked into a workshop and we have to move it or cancel it of course you can have a refund. If you have paid through paypal the refund will be returned through them. I am not sure what fees they take off it but you can challenge them if they do charge you. Any monies paid directly into my account will be fully refunded.

Most of our visiting artists are happy to move the workshop to a later date so you can still attend. I am offering you a way to secure your places by asking you to pay a deposit of just £10.00 per day. My booking system will permit you to pay smaller amounts until the full fee is paid. The box that has the fee in it can be changed to how much you are paying. If you wish you can just send me a cheque for the deposit and I will add it to the workshop for you.

And now my brain is bursting with the idea that I need more tea.

Stay safe everyone






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