May 28, 2018

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at something new or wanted to rekindle an skill? Then the Taster day at Eau Brink Studio is a great opportunity for you to do so.
Come and join me at Eau Brink Studio on Monday 28th May from 10 am till late and try your hand at Powertex, Procion dyeing, xpandaprint pictures, Paper layers, and printing techniques.
Also available machine embroidery or hand stitch.
For just £10.00 per hour inclusive of materials and refreshments.

Fabric Bowl with Powertex
Close up of sewing machine working with pink fabric

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May 27, 2018

It’s Been a Strange Week this week at Eau Brink Studio.

I have lost my diary and that has make me out of sorts. Not to mention stressed too.

So what has this all meant then? I have been rather ill which has not helped the situation but I have managed to meet my obligations except for one meeting and my personal goals of exercise.

Monday evening we continued with Embroidery Monday and Katherine finished her Blackwork piece which is stunning.

Hand Stitched
Blackwork by Katherine.

Tuesday and Wednesday was all about getting ready for Open Studios which started this weekend. For Eau Brink that meant two days in Thornham for Textiles in Action. I want to say thank you to everybody who stopped by and said hello. Also to everybody involved in the event which made it a great success.

Thursday as usual was all about Powertex and for me brooch making. And then off to the school for After School Art club. Where we made Whirly toys from CD’s.

So Whats Next?

Open Studios until the 10th June.

Monday its a day of getting to know the studio and having a go. Pop along and for a small fee you can have a go at Printing, Powertex, mixed media, procion dyeing, hand or machine stitch.

The kettle will be on and there will be scrummy cake too. Say hello to the sheep, ducks, chickens, and pond life. But most of all to Marlow our dog.

During Open Studios we are still running our workshops and in case you need a reminder we have Embroidery Mondays from 7pm till 9.30 pm.

Experimental Wednesdays where you can come and have a go at something you have always fancied. Or if your stuck bring your work along and we will see if we can sort it out together. from 10 am till 4 pm.

Powertex Thursdays are from 10 am till 4 pm you can make brooches, jars, books and other items.

To book just go to and then go to workshops and click on the dates to see whats happening. When you find something you like click on the Schedule appointment button to book.

Don’t forget that the Embroiderers Guild will be holding their Time and Tide Exhibition on the 9th and 10th of June.



May 18, 2018

It’s A busy Time for us all at Eau Brink Studio.

Why is it so busy you may ask? Well first I am getting ready for Textiles in Action on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of May.

Textiles of all sorts
A Great Exhibition which kicks off the Open Studios this year for me.

The Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios runs from the 26th May to the 10th June and you can get your booklets from may places but if you want one and cannot find anywhere near you just drop me a line and I will send it out to you.

During this time we have the King’s Lynn Embroiderers guild Time and Tide Exhibition on the 9th and 10th of June at south Wootton Village hall PE30 3LJ. Just opposite the church.

Another great Exhibition to visit.

Whats happening with Eau Brink studio then?

Well at long last due to the nice weather I now have my shed up so can clear out all the items we do not use all of the time and make the studio less cluttered. Thank you boys for getting that done.

I am still running our regular workshops during Open Studios. Which are Embroidery Monday from 19.00 till 21.30.  Experimental Wednesday from 10 till 4 and Powertex Thursday from 10 till 2. I am also running a taster day on Monday 28th May where you can drop in to have a go at something for just £5.00 per hour. Great if you always wanted to have a go at something but did not want to buy all the equipment in case you did not like it. I will be offering Screen printing, dyeing with Procion or natural dyes, Paper layers, Xpandaprint, and many more mixed media techniques. You can even come and have a go at free motion machine embroidery using my lovely old Bernina. And lastly you can also try your hand at Powertex and make a brooch.

During the Open Studios of course there will still be plenty of cake. So if you just fancy popping by to say hello and enjoy a brew you will be very welcome.

Is there a downside to this week?

Yes there is. I have lost my diary. It is A4 and has my whole year planned into it. It is a Ultimate Diary Planner and I cannot for the life of me find it. I have retraced my movements to the beginning of last week when I know I had it last but it still is missing. I have asked everyone I can think of to look in their bags in case they picked it up by accident and emailed or called everywhere I have been to see if I have left it behind.  It is incredible how lost I feel without it.

Still I am sure it will turn up and I hope that I do not miss attending anywhere or forget who is visiting the studio over the next week.

Stay inspired





March 31, 2018

Spring is upon us now and here at Eau Brink Studio we hope you enjoy reading our Spring News.

so cold
Early morning snow in March

So whats been happening?

March was once again very busy with a number of workshops, and the school art clubs.

Melanie has been to us with her lovely bowls and those of us who had already been on her workshop before were given designs that were more intricate and took longer to complete.

stunning designs
Mel talking about her bowls

Embroidery Mondays saw us working on Hardanger designs for a sampler. This technique is a little tricky and you do need nerves of steel when cutting into your work. But the effects are stunning.

work in progress
steady work

The children at the art club had a go at Powertex Stone art eggs. Fabulous mess but such fun.

Love using the gloves
Powertex mess is fun

The All Saints Ladies learnt how to make felt for an evening. I was made to feel very welcome at this ladies group and they all enjoyed making a small picture with wet felting fibres.

All Saints Ladies
wet felting pictures

Fair Season Has Commenced.

Now the season of fairs and shows has started. It all kicked off for us with the Rainbow Festivals. Unfortunately the first one was snowed off but the next was at Swaffham  in the Green Britain Centre. It was lovely to be back with the Rainbowers again. Not only were there stalls but also Make and Take. For us that meant screen printing Hares. Easy fun,

Screen Print with foils
Screen printing

Excitingly I have been accepted for my first big fair. One of the Kirstie Allsopp Hand Made Fairs. Scary or what?

New Fairs
Exciting New Ground

And for the new season of fairs we have been making our usual goodies plus some new. Like the Sharpins which are pin cushions that sharpen and clean the pins and needles. And New zippy bags.

Whats coming up?

April is an exciting month as we have the lovely Amanda Hislop visiting us to teach a two day workshop on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd. This two day workshop is going to teach us how to create wonderful things using found materials. Once we have completed the basics we will on the second day be using our sewing machines to complete the work.

But before that is a lampshade making workshop. In one day you can dye your fabrics and finish a lampshade that is unique and very different from the high street lampshades.

stunning hand dyed hand made lampshades

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I am up to and what is coming up. I will keep you posted of course but not all the posts will be as long as this one.

March 25, 2018

What a week I have had at Eau Brink Studio.

Starting on Monday where we are working on Hardanger Embroidery as part of Embroidery Monday.

Hand stitched Hardanger is a traditional embroidery from Europe. Traditionally worked with white threads on white even weave fabric. Stitched in blocks so that threads can be withdrawn giving it distinctive holes.

using colours in the pattern helps to see the stitches.

Tuesday was in the school for art club. and what a great way to end the term using Powertex and stone art to make eggs.

Love using the gloves
Powertex mess is fun

My colour workshop came next.

A great day of colour and experimentation.

Firstly everybody had to work out their colours and then could only use those colours to create their art.

one lady has been on this workshop before and wanted to take the colours she had further. Orange and gold.

This meant looking at adding black, white and grey to create Tints, Hues, tones and shades.

exploring colour
This is what happens when you add white, grey and back to your colours

Another customer wanted to know about dyeing fabric with Procion dyes. Her colours sorted and she was unstoppable. The one thing she found amazing was that as the colours moved during the process secondary colours emerged.

A joy to see how they turn out
Wow look at the colours

And I have to mention a lady who told me that she had no idea how to do this as she is not artistic.

well we will see about that was my reply.

fabulous colours
Wow the colours change when overlaid with ink wash.

And moving on to using a Gelli Plate to print along with a block

Wow it works

Then it’s all exciting to get ready for the Rainbow Festival at Swaffham on Saturday.

New products
All ready to go at Swaffham.

A new idea was to Make and Take. Screen print a hare onto fabric and a card using Thermofax screens and acrylic paint.

Print a hare
Screen Printing fun. six designs to choose from made it difficult to decide which one to print. A card and and piece of fabric to do as well as adding the design we added a little bit of bling using foils. great fun..

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we have been up to and it inspires you to have a go at something new.


January 19, 2018

Today at Eau Brink Studio was My Artistic Colour Journey workshop where we had a great time exploring what our colours are.

Only using those colour’s we then created art.

We used  Acrylic pints and inks.  Powertex, Procion Dyes and papers  to mention just a few of the medium used. The work was interesting and exciting as well as a little surprising.

Working with only two colours

January 12, 2018

Today was a Procion Fun day at Eau brink Studio where we all mixed our colours to dye our fabrics.

The folding, Clamping and tying resulted in some fantastic designs in wonderful colours on cloth.

Drip dye onto it or dip it?
Wrap it, tie it, scrunch it.

Once we got the hang of it there was no stopping us. Rivers of dye were added to cloth to make it colourful and exciting.

colourful fabrics
They look like sweets but are in fact fabrics

And the results are breadth taking.

fantastic patterns
Its bright and full of colour and pattern.

January 12, 2018

Spend the day dyeing with Procion where you will learn how to mix the dyes and use them to create patterns as well as dip dyeing your fabrics.

Using folding and tying with elastic bands you can get many designs for your fabrics.

The day commences at 10 am and will end at 4pm. Refreshment are included but not lunch.

Dyes included and some fabrics but you may wish to bring your own too.

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September 5, 2017
Maggie is very proud of her finished piece.
Christine with her large piece
Julie with a piece she folded
Maggie  hung her piece out to dry
A Line full of samples

Saturday was a Procion Dyeing Day. The use of colour and the folding and wrapping of fabrics resulted in an amazing array of brightly coloured fabrics. At Eau Brink Studio on Saturday the day started with the usual introductions and looking at the samples Anita had prepared the day before. Unwrapping and untying the samples to see what they look like and discussing whether to over dye them if there was too much white showing. This led onto looking at colours and how they will mute the colour already on the fabric.

Although eager to get started with folding and wrapping fabric it was important that each person learnt how to mix the Soda Ash water and soak their fabrics as well as learning how to mix the dyes themselves. With this in mind each person was encouraged to start by folding one piece and then to get colour onto it. This was followed by the mixing of larger quantities for them to submergence larger pieces of fabric. Clamps, Rubber Bands, string and pipes were used as part of the folding and wrapping process with all the pieces turning out to be very different. We even used ice at one point as you get very quick results with very little effort.