January 19, 2018

Today at Eau Brink Studio was My Artistic Colour Journey workshop where we had a great time exploring what our colours are.

Only using those colour’s we then created art.

We used  Acrylic pints and inks.  Powertex, Procion Dyes and papers  to mention just a few of the medium used. The work was interesting and exciting as well as a little surprising.

Working with only two colours

January 12, 2018

Today was a Procion Fun day at Eau brink Studio where we all mixed our colours to dye our fabrics.

The folding, Clamping and tying resulted in some fantastic designs in wonderful colours on cloth.

Drip dye onto it or dip it?
Wrap it, tie it, scrunch it.

Once we got the hang of it there was no stopping us. Rivers of dye were added to cloth to make it colourful and exciting.

colourful fabrics
They look like sweets but are in fact fabrics

And the results are breadth taking.

fantastic patterns
Its bright and full of colour and pattern.

September 5, 2017
Maggie is very proud of her finished piece.
Christine with her large piece
Julie with a piece she folded
Maggie  hung her piece out to dry
A Line full of samples

Saturday was a Procion Dyeing Day. The use of colour and the folding and wrapping of fabrics resulted in an amazing array of brightly coloured fabrics. At Eau Brink Studio on Saturday the day started with the usual introductions and looking at the samples Anita had prepared the day before. Unwrapping and untying the samples to see what they look like and discussing whether to over dye them if there was too much white showing. This led onto looking at colours and how they will mute the colour already on the fabric.

Although eager to get started with folding and wrapping fabric it was important that each person learnt how to mix the Soda Ash water and soak their fabrics as well as learning how to mix the dyes themselves. With this in mind each person was encouraged to start by folding one piece and then to get colour onto it. This was followed by the mixing of larger quantities for them to submergence larger pieces of fabric. Clamps, Rubber Bands, string and pipes were used as part of the folding and wrapping process with all the pieces turning out to be very different. We even used ice at one point as you get very quick results with very little effort.



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